What If I Told You the Data That Governs Modern Medicine is... Mostly Wrong?

It is a a tale as old as modern medicine, all of 150 years when Germ Theory propelled the vision and excitement of medicine into the laboratory. So many important advances that have saved millions of lives have their origins in a lab. The emphasis of observations and hands-on diagnosis by physicians became secondary even tertiary to lab work and testing. The issue with this, is that it looses touch with the dynamic processes and influences of the individual. The other problem? Science is often WRONG! 

From an article written by John Weeks and Ben Wrigler, MD, “ In a 10-year review of original trials published in a major journal, Prasad et al.1 found that out of 363 articles examining a standard medical practice, 146 (40.2%) reversed that practice, while only 138 (38%) confirmed it. “

In other words, after 10 years of using research conducted by Randomized Control Trials only 38% of research was still true and viable!! 

Many people discredit acupuncture and herbal medicine as there “just isn’t research to prove it.” To that I say, we have 2000 years of use to prove it’s effectiveness, which looks a lot more viable than 30% after 10 years. 

Perhaps it’s time to combine some of crucial practitioner observations and self-reported effects by patients with some of this data that we hold so dearly in our culture. Let’s evolve to unite lab work with humanity.

Margaret Hampton