Margaret Hampton MSOM, L.Ac., Dipl.OM

About Me

An overall thirst for life, learning, and adventures fuels me. As a mother of two young boys, I am forever on the move. We spend as much time as possible outside, checking out bugs, rocks and tossing balls. Raising children has forced exponential growth of my heart and self in every which way. I am so grateful for this honor. We live north of Boulder in a quiet area, sharing the land with coyotes, owls, chickens, bunnies and bikers galore. 

With each person that comes into my room, I am charged by a sense of passion and calling to offer my best.

With all of this going on in my life as soon as I close the door to my office with a patient, the world around magically dissipates. With each person that comes into my room I am charged by a passion and calling to offer my best. I rely on my clinical knowledge as well as intuition, and am infinitely stubborn at finding a solution that is effective, even if it means offering a referral outside of my care. I encourage expletives when needles hurt, airing of grievances, joys, and whatever else may be on your mind and heart. Iā€™m really good at finding two things: 1) lost LEGOs 2) tender spots on the body. It is my experience that pain is the navigational system of our bodies and listening to and following those cues can help illuminate the path to healing and wellness.

Currently, I am completing my doctorate at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. I feel it is an important step to help elevate my profession altogether, but also to further my own study in this medicine that I love.

I have never fit well in any box people have tried to put me in, and my treatments are the same way. I learn so much from every person that I see, and no two treatments are the same. I am filled with gratitude that I get to be a part of a medicine with such a rich and deep history that continues to expand and elevate to meet the needs of so many people.